Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Revealed! Cybertank Doppelsoldner Blueprints

The Doppelsoldner, named after a medieval warrior who carried a two-handed greatsword, was the Paneuropeans' last and biggest cybertank. About the same length as the Ogre Mark VI, it was even more massive. Doppelsoldners were also more plentiful than the Mark VI, but never truly common. The Doppelsoldner represented a fusion of the Fencer design with the Ogre concepts; in particular, the Fencer's lack of any "main" batteries was seen as a weakness and remedied in the new unit, while the Fencer's four missile racks were increased to six. The seemingly-baroque design was intended to bounce shells away and to minimize the chance of collateral damage when one weapon was taken out. Overall, the "Dopp" can dish out damage faster than the Mark VI, but the Mark VI can take considerably more punishment. A Dopplesoldner carries 2 main batteries, 8 secondary batteries, 12 AP batteries, 6 missile racks with 18 internal missiles, and starts the game with 60 tread units. (Its sheer mass puts such a great demand on its treads that they're effectively less durable than those of the Mark VI.)

This cybertank was the Paneuropean attempt to fuse the Fencer and Huscarl designs together into a "final" model, much like the Combine's Mark VI. The Doppelsoldner's production was centralized and put to fore by the Paneuropeans. When this model went to production, the Huscarl was relegated to spare parts and maintenance of surviving units.

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