Friday, April 6, 2018


 The 1979 version is a one-piece body. To that is attached the 4 tread units, the 2 main and 6 secondary batteries, and the conning tower. Later versions all have a two-piece body.

Design by Winchell Chung; Martian Metals sculpture by Forrest Brown

Note: This example is missing the 2 main and 6 secondary batteries, and the conning tower is bent and is missing the top.

The underside has "1978" and "MM" etched in to it.

Mr. Rich Brown is the owner of this extremely rare miniature.

Owner Mr. Roland Boshnack
 The mains are from the 2000 SJ Games sculpt and the secondaries are brass rods.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Friday, June 19, 2015

Master Modeler Forest Brown

Master modeler Forest Brown established Martian Metals in 1976 to produce military miniatures for the US Army, but soon branched out to commercial production with licensed figures for games like Traveller, Runequest, Ogre, The Fantasy Trip, Combots, and Gravball, plus his proprietary line of award-winning fantasy Dragonslayers in 15mm and 25mm.

Forrest Brown, seen at Hobby Industry of America 1981 trade show

Monday, April 13, 2015

Ogre Mark IV Ral Partha Prototype 1993

This was the legendary "4th Release" that was  planned but never happened.  Ral Partha made the figures, but the relationship between Partha and Steve Jackson was beginning to fall apart. Only a few master castings were ever produced, and the  molds were destroyed. The Ogre Mark IV prototypes were sculpted by Jeff Wilhelm.

Ogre Mark IV 
"Rebel Yell"

 Ogre Mark IV 
"Winston's Revenge"