Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ogre Mark III & Mark III-B Blueprints

Ogre Mark III Blueprint

The little brother of the fearsome Mark V, the Mark III was still big enough to stand in the line of battle . . . and like the Mark V, it fought on both sides, built by the Paneuropeans from captured templates. It adds 100 points to your army – on whichever side you choose!

The Ogre Mark III cybertank was the first Combine cybertank built in an articulated fashion. The rear module was for holding and servicing the two Ogre missiles, as well as carrying additional detection and jamming gear.

The Mark III was purpose built for long ranged fire, and could not deal with close up fighting; only the blazing speed of the computer brain coupled with well built machinery could the Ogre be quick enough to identify and destroy threats before they got close.

Paneuropean forces seized the Sheffield, England Ogre factory intact and managed to build Ogres for their own armies. Paneuropean Mark IIIs were designated the Legionnaire.

The Mk. III-B was an upgunned version of the trysuty Ogre Mk. III.  

This model was another interim design when the Combine forces needed something better to combat the large number of Legionnaire cybertanks; Paneuropean forces had a cybertank advantage against the Combine Mark IIIs and the solution was to add a few more weapon systems to the Mark III's chassis. The number of main guns and missiles were doubled, but all other things remain unchanged (except for some sub-system upgrades).

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