Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Different Treads

On the Ogre 1 OGRE MK Vb, one of the treads are different than the other three that were in the original package.  It is even different than the treads on other two Ogre MK Vb's that I have.  Could it be a tread from the first 1979 OGRE MK V?

(left) Original OGRE 1 Tread?


After a recent comment to this post by Ashley, I looked more closely at the threads of the Grenadier Models OGRE Mk V and it bears a striking resemblance.  But this leaves the question as to why the the thread was included in the Metagaming's Microtures Martian Metals packaging.

Grenadier Models OGRE Mk V (6101)

Mr. Rich Brown, provided a link that shows definitely that the tread does belong to the original 1979 OGRE Mark V.


  1. Looking at this picture I thinks it's likely the tread from the interim Grenadier-SJG version, before the master was revised to become the Ral-Partha version.

  2. All due respect to Ashley, but I believe she is incorrect here. I had an early Steve Jackson Games version of the Ogre Mk V (which is identical to the Grenadier sculpt) and it was very similar to the Ral Partha version. I've got what I believe to be an actual, original Martian Metals Mk V on the way, and just from the pictures posted by the seller it clearly has the "mystery" treads. I'll update in a few days when I've got it in-hand.

  3. I have a 1st series MM Ogre Mk V. The odd tread in your photo is the one that is on it. I posted a photo of it on the Lost Mini Wiki if you are interested: