Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Steve Jackson Games - Ogre Miniatures 1982

In 1982, Steve Jackson Games experimented with the idea of casting its own miniatures for both Ogre and Car Wars. The difficulty of running a casting operation proved not worth the trouble for only two lines, but 9 different packages were produced.

Ogre Mark V (Combine) (6101)

Missile Tank (Paneuropean) (6111)

Howitzer (Paneuropean) (6113)

Mobile Howitzer (Paneuropean) (6114)

Light Tank (Paneuropean) (6115)

Command Posts (Paneuropean) (6118)

GEV (Combine) (6122)

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  1. In the photo of the package of the Mk V (# 6101), it looks like the missile trailer part of the chassis is made in two halves (side to side). Is this your pack, and can you confirm that is that is correct or possibly just an optical illusion? Thanks