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Ral Partha Ogre Miniatures 1992-93

Dragon Magazine #190 - Feb 1993

Partha Release 1 - August 1992

Ogre Mark V (93-001)

GEV (Paneuropean) (93-025)

Missile Tank (Paneuropean) (93-026)

Light Tank (Paneuropean) (93-027)

Heavy Tank (Paneuropean) (93-028)

Howitzer (Paneuropean) (93-029)

Partha Release 2 - September 1992

Ogre Mark III (93-003)

Mobile Howitzer (Paneuropean) (93-030)

Superheavy Tank (Paneuropean) (93-031)

GEV-PC (Paneuropean) (93-032)

Infantry (Paneuropean) (93-033)

Missile Crawler (Paneuropean) (93-034)

Partha Release 3 - 2nd Quarter 1993

GEV (Combine) (93-003)

Heavy Tank (Combine) (93-004)

Missile Tank (Combine) (93-005)

Light Tank (Combine) (93-006)

Howitzer (Combine) (93-007)

Paneuropean Fencer (93-020)

Partha Release 4

This was the legendary "4th Release" that was planned but never happened.  Ral Partha made the
figures, but the relationship between Partha and Steve Jackson was beginning to fall apart. Only a
few master castings were ever produced, and the molds were destroyed. (per The Stuff of Legends)

Combnine Infantry

Combine LGEV

Combine LGEV

Combine Superheavy Tank

Combine Howitzer

Paneuropean LGEV

Ogre Mark IV

Ogre Mark IV (profile)

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